Thursday, September 22, 2016

RFK speechwriter will vote for Trump

He says that the Democrats have become a War Party.  Close enough.  They joined the globalists, who generally favor war like the neo-cons do.

If there's any real difference between current Democrats and current Republicans, it is the willingness of the current Republicans to send ground forces into a war.  Democrats may be more restrained, but they are hardly the peace party, as Adam Walinsky says.

Trump may show more restraint than his GOP colleagues.  Perhaps that is why they opposed him with such vehemence.  The current GOP is dominated by neo-cons and globalists.  The GOP opponents of Trump, the Never Trumpers, want to get bogged down in endless war.  This is a loser from the start.

Hillary may blunder her way into war with China and Russia.  She certainly did not distinguish herself with her misadventures in Libya.

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