Friday, September 23, 2016

Rock the boat, or float the boat?

Barnhardt, as you may know, doesn't believe in our election system.  From her point of view, it is all kabuki theater, meaning that the outcome is predetermined.

Her latest is an explanation for what happens to political donations.  Or some political donations.  Very corrupt.

Now, the thing that got me thinking is that Dick Morris has noted that the Donald needs to run some TV ads.  He's not doing it.  That's true even though he has plenty of money.  Small donations are coming in at quite a clip, according to Morris.  Nope, he's not spending the money even though the campaign is flush with cash.

What's the deal?

I always figured that the Donald would want to win because of ego.   But what if I was wrong?  What if money is more important to him than his ego?  If money is more important than ego, he may just keep the money.  I think that he gets to keep what he doesn't spend.

That one either floats your boat or it sinks it.

Not a happy thought, that.  Romney coulda, shoulda, woulda won if he really wanted to.  Let's not have a repeat of that.

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