Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brain transplant, anyone?

Just saw an article on NextBigFuture that was about a head transplant on a monkey.  If it is successful, there will be an attempt on a human next year.


Isn't that weird?  But that leaves a Frankenstein type of zipper neck that is most unsightly.  Perhaps it would be better to take out the brain and install it into another body sans brain.  One of these days, one's own body could be duplicated, except the brain, and your own brain would be transplanted into your reconstituted body.  Hmm.  How would that work out?

You could go into surgery with an 80 year body, and come back out with a 20 year body.  The brain will still be old, but the body will be young.

No zipper necks either.  The hair can be regrown over the places where the skull had to opened up.

The whole thing seems kinda freaky though.

Be sure that "Eyegore" uses the right brain.

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