Saturday, March 17, 2018

Was that flight attendant a Muslim?

Muslims hate dogs.

So, my antenna went up when I saw this story.  Not to mention that Ace seems to be seeing what I am seeing--- which is, that the corporations are not our friends.

The story is that a United Airline flight attendant placed a dog in an unsafe location, and the dog subsequently died in flight.  Abundant evidence seems to point to premeditated cruelty toward the dog.  This perpetrator is in cover-up mode now, or so it seems.

The dog reference and the anti-gun blitz seems to fit together.  The county in which the shooting occurred was heavily infiltrated by Mohammedans, and governed by leftists.  They let this shooting happen.

By the way, corporations are caving in to leftist demands that we disarm, and the so-called right continues to favor them?

Why?  Who would want us to disarm but the leftists and the Mohammedans?  Aren't we supposed to be fighting terrorism?

What the hell is wrong with the GOP?  The base does not want this leftist garbage.  The US House passed a bill that is supposedly intended to stop school violence.  It is absurd that they caved in to the media/leftist propaganda and passed a stupid bill like this.

The media is primarily owned by big corporations.  These people are not our friends.  I am glad that somebody agrees.

The GOP claims that they are worried about losing the midterms, but this kind of crap points out that they just don't give a crap about winning.  Nothing is more likely to cause them to lose than to be no different from the leftists that they are supposed to be opposing.

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