Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Off-grid post 3.14.18

A number of odds and ends here.

My data diet is working, as my data consumption has dropped considerably.  But
the posting has also been light.  Can't keep up with the news as I would like,
and I haven't found a substitute for the web.  The old media won't do, but
it may be the only thing I have that can replace the web.

But I won't buy more data.  It seems like a scam to me.

Moving on, the off-grid discussion will continue...

I got an idea, but I don't know if it is any good.  The idea is to use metal
pipes buried in concrete as my posts.  This is in contrast to using wood.
How to fasten things to it? This is what you would call a good question.  A
possibility would be to drill holes where something would be fastened.  Also,
to use fasteners.  ( well, duh )

The pipes could be threaded at each end, and an elbow, tee, or split connector
could be used to put them together.  After some thought, the mechanics of actually
doing this may require that it be assembled, and then emplaced with a bolt at
the bottom.  After getting it assembled, and bolted down, then pour the concrete
over the bolted down part.

The assembled part would look like the letter "u", but upside down.  It would
fit into the five gallon bucket ( or smaller ), which, in turn, be inside a
larger container. ( if that makes sense )  It would be buried about 18 inches
deep.  In other words, it would be a "footer" foundation.

After a bit more thought... It may be better to bolt them all down, as opposed
to using threaded connections.  For added strength, perhaps a bit of welding??
You'd wanted to connect the "u's" together.  That could be accomplished with
a pipe that is bolted and welded at each connection.  The end result would be
a frame type structure, upon which a roof, and some walls could be bolted on
as well.

This structure may be pretty hot in summer.  The sun will heat the metal, and the
metal will heat the air inside.

I will leave the discussion at this point, in order to cogitate on that issue.

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