Thursday, March 15, 2018

Obligatory, Ides of March

Thurs, 3.15.18

The data issue is being addressed effectively, I think.  So, now I can scan the
news, and keep up.

It isn't a complete dive into the news, as I can only do headlines for now.  Perhaps
later, I can dive in a bit deeper.

Anyway, to comment on the latest news.

This anti-gun agitation reminds me of how much we are being bombarded with lies.  The
left has to know that the mere ownership of guns does not mean that all guns must
be confiscated.  That's because everybody who owns a gun is not a criminal.  In
fact, almost all crime is being committed by a small minority of perpetrators.

Does it not make more sense to organize against this small minority?  Instead
of doing that, these lefties are going after all the law abiding gun owners.
It is ineffective because the left wants it to be.  The left wants incidents like
the Parkland shooting, in order to agitate for gun-control.

When the left gains power, they don't tend to want to give it up.  It would take
a revolution to get rid of them.  Does it make sense then, that this is the real
reason that they want to confiscate all guns?  Without guns, how can anybody
oppose them by the use of force?  On the other hand, the left will have a monopoly
on the use of force, as they would be in charge of the government.  Nice little
arrangement, there.

Gun ownership guarantees freedom.  If the lefties succeed in getting people to
give up their guns, they will have been successful in gaining permanent control
over the government.  You will no longer have the capacity to oust them if they
govern badly, as they are guaranteed to do.  All leftist regimes tend towards
misrule.  Is that not the case with the Parkland shooting itself?

Would there have been a shooting there at all if the government did their jobs?

By the way, this is the real reason for having a second amendment.  Just like
all of the Constitution, it is meant to reign in politicians, not the people.
Someone needs to keep pounding on this because the left appears to be gaining
ground here.  There could be a real danger that these people will succeed.

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