Monday, March 19, 2018

Self driving cars the next new thing?

Female pedestrian killed by self-driving car--- well, that's not an auspicious beginning.

This is not likely the best idea in the world.  It tends to follow a pattern, however, of relying too much on technology in order to solve problems.

The only problem that is solved with using this kind of tech, however, is to save money on hiring drivers.

I noticed in the comment section that a lot of those commenting seem to have more faith in machines than in people.

As a driver who uses their tech in order to find locations and such, these machines are going to be a real hazard.  People and machines don't mix this way.  One or the other will have to go.

The woman may have been jaywalking, but a human driver would have hit the brakes.  The machine wouldn't care, and would continue anyway even if it meant killing someone.  A human driver who acted this way could get into a lot of trouble.

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