Tuesday, March 20, 2018

If there was a way...


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This may be the best hope going forward.  That is to say, just rely upon a Greater Power to get us through the trials ahead.

There is probably little that can be done by human effort alone.  So, just between me and whoever is out there, I am leaving it to the hands of the almighty. 

In other words, I won't worry about it.  I care about it, but I cannot worry about it.  It is necessary for my own good, you see.

I am not a praying type, but I just might start saying a prayer for this nation.  We are in a lot of trouble.

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I could apply some supernatural power to silence all of this inane talk about Russian interference in our election, I'd say I would be sorely tempted.

Even selling my soul to the Devil?  Well, no.

I'm not sure that the earthly affairs of men is a big concern to God.  It is more the concern of slimy politicians.

But the Devil might be interested.

Still, this talk is ree-damned-diculous.  Even a mere mortal ought to be able to see that.

As I wrote before, it is always the premises that you should focus on.  The premise here is that the Russians helped make Trump president.  That is what is ridiculous about all this.

Unless you can find evidence that the Russians caused the votes to be counted incorrectly, or the results to be falsely certified, then you basically have nothing but a charge of influence the voters at best.

Now, if you were to compare the vast network of news organizations against the pitiful Russian effort, no matter how "aggressive", you would have to agree that the Russians cannot affect much.  It is like a sand grain on a vast beach, or a drop of water in the ocean.

Even if they could, so what?  What do you want to do, make America like the Soviet Union, where all news from the outside world is heavily censored?

But you see, we've already got that.  Trying to get the truth out is what would take the supernatural assistance.

Like Pontius Pilate, it may be time to wash one's hands on the matter.

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