Monday, March 19, 2018

Madness has overtaken the nation's capital

After reading the Andrew McCarthy's NRO piece about the Mueller investigation, I cannot help but feel that this country really has crossed a line.

How can this country go forward after this?  The investigation is quite obviously a fraud, but this is not news to me.  Once that Mueller was hired, I went into a meltdown.  But that was just me.  Now that millions of people could have read this article, or had a chance to read this article, what now?

You have a fraudulent investigation here people.  ( I am referring to people who still support this miscalled "investigation".  People like Trey Gowdy and Lindsey Graham. )  Do you really expect that millions of people in this country are going to accept what you are trying to pull?  What comes after your brilliant coup?  Do you really think you can rule over millions of people by an iron fist?

That can only happen if a lot of people end up dead.

Or, if a lot of people just sheepishly cave in and let themselves be ruled by a criminal gang.  For that is what we have here.

Something has gotta give.

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