Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin bomber

Updated, 3.21.18:

From what I have been able to tell so far, this guy doesn't fit the profile.  It could be a case of mistaken identity, or something else is up.

You just don't get home-schooled kids doing stuff like this.  I say there's something wrong with this picture.

the original post of 3.19.18 follows:

Ace doesn't know the significance of the latest bombing location.  It was on the west side of I-35.

Yours truly will attempt it, and also try not to make a fool of himself.  That may be difficult, since it comes so naturally.

Anyway, the west side could well be the more well-to-do side of town.   It could be as simple as that, or it could be something more complicated.

Austin has its hilly areas and its best panoramic views on the west side.  People build homes on those hilly areas.  So, this is all a big guess, and it may be wrong.

Now everybody can resume their drinking.

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