Sunday, March 18, 2018

Data leaks? Maybe not.

This new browser has revealed something that surprises me.   Most, if not all websites, are huge data hogs.  They consume typically up to ten megs of data.

All along, I figured something was using up vast quantities of data, but this discovery indicates that web browsing has become rather data intensive.  Such a finding is quite the surprise to me.

If you are a heavy web browser, you could easily use a gigabyte of data with these websites today.  That would only take about 100 webpages.   Such is not that difficult to imagine, as a webpage may seem interesting at first, but then you could click on something else if it turns out not to be.  Each click would take up another huge gulp of data.

What makes these webpages such data hogs?  Not sure yet, but I suspect that there may be little incentive to economize on data demands, and a big incentive to add such things that may bump up data requirements.

Well, I guess I have solved that mystery.  But it won't make my job any easier.   Even the interface that allows me to use this platform for blogging-- is a data hog.  Perhaps not as big of one, but a data hog nevertheless.

It's a challenge, I tell you.

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