Monday, March 19, 2018

Could the Russians take advantage of the situation?

Yesterday, I spent some time re-reading a novel called "Alas, Babylon".  It was about a nuclear war and its aftermath.

The thing that struck me just now, was that the setting of that book was about 1960.  During that time, the country was united in itself.  This is in stark contrast to what appears to be the case now.  If I am right, the USA could be in a lot of trouble right now.

Consider Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese saw how divided the country was, and believed, incorrectly, that that was best time to attack the United States.

But the world is much more dangerous now.  Any miscalculation like that one could mean Armageddon.

The Russians didn't change the outcome of the election in 2016.  But they could do a lot worse than that.  They could finish us off in just a few minutes.

One of the novel's characters speculated that if we convinced the Soviets of the folly of such an attack, maybe they wouldn't have attempted it.  But this idiotic stuff going on now could convince the Russians that this could be the best time for an attack.  That is why this crap needs to end now.

Updated same day @ 4:30 pm:

It might well be worthwhile to mention two things:

     1.  That there is a controversy today regarding the election of Trump to the Presidency, and
     2.  There was also a controversy after the 2000 election.   The Democrats made a big deal out of that situation all the way up to the 2001 terrorist attacks.  The run up to the attacks occurred during the transition from the Clinton Administration to the incoming Bush Administration.  That period included the training of pilots who would ram the planes into the buildings.   The planning and execution of the attack occurred during that period of time--- do not forget this.

Therefore, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that the 2001 attacks were a dress rehearsal for a much larger preemptive first strike involving nuclear weapons.  Once again, that the aggressors ( Japanese and 2011 terrorists ) used a period of political turbulence to launch an attack.  It could happen again.

The controversy regarding Bush ended after the September 11 attacks.  But there won't be any reason to have a controversy if the nation is in ruins.

Just saying.

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