Saturday, February 24, 2018

Collusion against Trump Timeline

Very detailed.  My impressions are confirming my suspicions.

For example, a phony dossier is used to obtain a warrant against Carter Page, who isn't even the target.  The judge who approves this FISA warrant is an Obama appointee.

The problem here is one of time.  Any interested party has to go through an enormous amount of effort to dig out the truth.  The liars, on the other hand, can make stuff up faster than you can uncover it.

Also, you don't find out their lies until afterward, when nobody is paying attention.  So, Comey can say to Congress that he never leaked, only to admit later when he can no longer deny it, that he did.  This is after he got what he wanted, which was a Special Counsel-- his good buddy Mueller.

Also, you find out later that Rosenstein signs off on the phony FISA surveillance after he names Mueller as Special Prosecutor.  They all have to know it was all based upon unverified information that wasn't even supposed to get to the FISA court in the first place.

This is my second timeline source.  I had forgotten the first.  Again, there's a lot of information here.  It could take an hour to go through it all.

Update on same day:

4:23 pm :

Went offline for a thinking session.  So, here's a big speculation alert.  Reason
being, that I don't have evidence to support this.  But still...

The shooting suspect was said to have been seen wearing a "MAGA" cap.  He also was
seen wearing ISIS gear.  That seems to indicate that the kid was up to speed on current

The speculation comes in as to whether or not he studied guys like Lee Harvey Oswald.

Oswald was this big loser type, who made a name for himself by assassinating a President.

Could Cruz been motivated to seek out a name for himself by killing a bunch of kids?
It wouldn't have to be just killing kids, you see.  He might know about the Russian
collusion thing, and, get this, the Seth Rich murder.  Just put two and two together
and see the possible connections here.  Wasserman-Shultz's brother had something to
do with the murder investigation in DC.  What if this kid thinks that he could make
a name for himself if he attacks a liberal bastion that leaves itself open to an

Kennedy did.  He was very fatalistic about it.  Oswald took advantage.  Could this
Cruz kid have done the same?

So, if the Dems don't really care, and all that matters to them is power, could one
person like this think he could make a difference?  Also, could he have known that
when he did what he did?  They left themselves open to this, just as Kennedy did.

Not saying what he did was right.  Only trying to understand how he might have been
motivated to do what he did, and how it might all fit into the bigger story.

Can't help think that these things are related.  There is definitely something connected
to the Seth Rich murder, and that is Wasserman-Shultz.  She fixes the nomination for
Hillary.  Seth Rich was a Sanders supporter.  The leaks occur, and Rich gets murdered.

Somehow, they can't find the murderer, and Wasserman-Shultz brother is in on the
"investigation".  How convenient!

All of this just a coincidence?  Nobody really wants to find out the truth of what
happened to Seth Rich?  By the time Rich is murdered, they already had their
"insurance policy" in mind.  You can see that from the timelines.

To kill Rich means to save the insurance policy.  If the worst happened, and Trump
was elected, then they could still put it into effect.  But not if Rich lived, and
talked.  Dead men tell no tales.

As for the kid, he is just following what Freud said about motivation.  You have
the sex urge, and the urge to be great.  The kid is just trying to be great.
Unfortunately, some kids had to die for him to make a name for himself.

2:00 pm:

A joke here. ( which may not be a joke )  I'm waiting for Agent Smith to show up and tell me how disappointed he is.

That first timeline is more detailed.  The two lovebirds who exchanged texts, were texting about a "secret society".  Before all you start talking about conspiracy theories, take that.

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