Thursday, February 22, 2018

A few crime stats to bore you


8:30 am:

What a great site that Conservative Treehouse is!  They had stuff on Trayvon Martin that even I didn't know about.  I spent some time on the subject of Trayvon Martin.  There were many posts on the subject here.  Even with a lot of info being suppressed on Martin, it was plain to me that there was no beef with the guy who shot him. 

With this additional information, it is even more plain that the leftist infiltration of our society is making it very hard to get at the truth of any matter.  Martin was a thug, you see.  This fact was being hidden from the public.  A good deal of the population may still think that this was just some poor black kid who was murdered in cold blood.  They think this because they are being misled.  So it is with the leftists.  Truth is not in them.  The left is at war with us.

It seems that this guy who shot up the school was another one of their cover ups.  Even after they were warned, they didn't stop hiding the problems with this kid.  Police reports were falsified.  There is no excuse for this.

And now they want gun control.

8:00 am:

In addition to what Sen. Rubio said, Pres. Trump said that we should arm teachers.  Actually, you don't need every teacher to tote a gun.  Just a few in each school should do it.  Combine that with metal detectors, and a bad guy wouldn't have much of an opportunity to create mayhem.

It would work, but that is why these activists don't want to do it.

7:30 am:

At a town hall, Marco Rubio was booed for stating the obvious.  The gun control measures these people want will not stop these kinds of crimes.  Supposedly, if you were to confiscate all guns, these incidents might become less frequent.  However, strict gun control didn't stop these things from happening in Europe.

Yet, if you were to just put in some metal detectors in these schools, it would most likely stop the incidents.  Yes, a more determined aggressor might be able to slip some guns in, but the more likely thing is that they would seek easier targets.

The only way gun control will work is if all guns are confiscated, and even then, there would still be some guns out there, and this could still happen.

What is the objection to using metal detectors?  They are used elsewhere.


4:45 pm:

A few more thoughts on the subject, if you please...

Do you realize that nothing is done to stop these events because they are so inconsequential?  For if they were of great consequence, surely something would be done.  But, this is so cold hearted, you may be thinking.  These are children!!!

Yes, that is so.  But it is still the truth.  As tragic as these murders are, in terms of the life of a very large nation of over 300 million people, it is of little consequence.

Even if the number were 3000, as in the terrorist attacks of 2001, it would still be inconsequential.  The short term effects were dramatic, as the nation spent vast sums on a war that still rages.  However, in terms of the life of the nation, these losses were minimal.  Indeed, if the Pentagon had not been hit, there may not have even been a war.

What made the 2001 attacks consequential was the implied threat against the ruling class.  If the ruling class feels threatened, then you can bet that the response will be greater.

So, back to the current noise machine being cranked up--- it is a short time affair in which the politicians may wish to exploit for a short term gain.  They will do nothing about this, however, because the issue is worth more to them than actually solving the problem.  Yet, the problem itself is of such little significance, that there would be insufficient will to spend the money necessary to secure the schools ( and save the children they claim to love so much ).

So, the money won't be spent.  It isn't worth it to them.

11:52 am:

I heard something this morning that gave me the idea to write this post.  Here is a statistical breakdown of murders in the USA.

Assault rifles do not account for all that many of the murders.  But they do grab a lot of the attention.

The media and the politicians are just playing politics with it.  If there was an attempt to actually do something useful, then they would require gun free zones to have metal detectors.

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