Monday, February 19, 2018

The source of the troubles

Still waiting for my extra data.  Should be soon, now.

As for what I have been writing during this wait, I have explained my politics
in depth before on this blog.  Could I explain even more?

Yes, I could try.  As I have written, the scientific/economic progress of this
culture has stagnated.  That may bring some argument, since I am writing this on
computer technology which did not exist that long ago.  Aside from computers and
such, however, there has been little progress.  That is what I mean.

What accounts for this?  I have also written about how many technological advances
appeared to have been suppressed.  There is little doubt that nuclear power has
been suppressed.  But it goes further than that.  Much further.

For example, if all we can use is so-called renewable energy, then our material quality of life is going to go down, not up.

The left wing is setting up a false choice.  What they are telling us is that we
have to sacrifice our standard of living for the good of the planet.

This is an absurd argument.  There is no scientific basis for this, although the
left will point to things like so-called climate science.  Climate science is not
science.  It is anti-science, which is being funded by the political class.  The
political class, therefore, is behind all this.  It is my opinion, then, that the
left is behind the lack of material progress of the last half-century.

It is no coincidence, then, that this began during the Vietnam War.  The political
left has had it ascendency during this period.  The left was successful in stopping
that war, and a good deal more success than just that.

Their success has become so great a drag on this country that the very existence
of this nation is now at stake.

Indeed, if Donald Trump is not successful, then the downward trajectory will

It is not a racist thing to want this country to succeed, but the left has made it
a racial issue.  This is part of where their power is coming from. 

There is nobody from any racial group who will benefit in this country if its
existence is imperiled.  Yet, the political left has managed to convince a good
part of this society that it should not exist!

A whole lot of babies do not exist, thanks to abortion.  We will follow in due
time if this type of thinking isn't defeated.

Leftism is all a big lie.  Hopefully, this lie can be exposed for what it is.

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