Friday, February 23, 2018

Always the premises



The Conservative Treehouse is on this like stink on poop.  Thank God we still have an outlet for real news, not fake news.

How much of the information that is presented there will actually get out to the people?  As bad as conditions are, it is hard for me to believe that people would be convinced that gun control is a solution for this.

Law enforcement in Broward County is a joke.  It is a wonder that things aren't a whole helluva lot worse than this.  The armed officer at the scene did nothing to stop the mayhem.  Not a thing.  Crimes are being covered up in order to make crime stats look better.  There was a tape delay in their security camera system.  The purpose of this delay?  To cover up a crime if it happens.  Un-freaking-believable.   Cops were chasing after a suspect who had already left the scene because this tape misled officers due to the tape delay.

Why is Broward County Florida like this?  They vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  Yet, somehow, we need gun control.  Go figure.

Liberalism delenda est!


It may not be such a hot idea just to give all the schools a metal detector.  The reason is that somehow the rest of us are to blame for somebody else's failure.  Especially when it comes to liberals.

Isn't that the premise here?  It is never the fault of those at the scene, it is the NRA.  It is the Republicans.  It is always somebody else.  It is never the liberals and their cockeyed ideas.

So, don't let the money be the obstacle.  If we have to bail out liberal schools with the "gun-free zones", then we must exact a price for it.

There has to be an acknowledgement that so-called "gun-free zones" are not safe, and require extra security precautions.  The acknowledgement must be signed by all who participate in the gun-free zone.  That is to say, if you are going to insist upon your gun-free zone, then do so at your own risk.  You must also give a copy of your signed acknowledgement to all the parents of the kids that attend that school.  The parents can have the option of taking their kids to a safer school.

Secondly, if there are any "diversion" measures being taken, that too must be signed off and acknowledged.   That too, must be disclosed to parents.

By signing off on high-risk practices, those who agree to doing so will hold the rest of us harmless when the SHTF.  Given that it is the liberals who are at fault for their cockeyed ideas failing, then we can always point to their acknowledgement and say "see, I told you so."

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