Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let's not kid ourselves, we are at war already

The defining characteristic of liberalism is its repudiation of truth.  It can be seen in the philosophy of post-modernism, in which there is no objective truth.  Liberals are attracted to post-modernism like flies to excrement.

Conservatives fail to appreciate this, I think.  Whenever you attempt to argue with a liberal, you are going to run into this post-modern mindset.  You cannot argue facts with them.  Facts are meaningless to a person who will not consider facts.  You cannot reason with them, because reason itself is disputed.  You cannot argue morality with them, because they embrace raging amorality.

The only way to deal with liberalism is to reject it.  For that is what they do to the rest of us.  If they will not accept the truth for what it is, then they must not be accepted themselves.  Reality is what it is, not what the liberals want to dream up.  "Boys will be boys"--- not let girls be boys and vice versa.  Sanity must be defended.  Post-modernist thinking has to go.

Liberalism and post-modernism is one and the same.   It is the post-modern mindset that is the problem.  This must be engaged on its own terms.  Liberals seek to destroy truth and meaning with their denial of its existence.  This must be stopped, or they will succeed.   Liberalism delenda est, lest we become their victims.  Liberalism is like Dracula--- vampiric in its nature.

The Florida massacre, and those like them, are not caused by guns.  These massacres are caused by the left for the purpose of disarming the rest of us.  The only response to them is "molṑn labé ", for this is war.

If they want our guns, let them come and get them.  Otherwise, we become like them, and we are lost.

It may sound like a declaration of war, but only because people have convinced themselves that these people aren't at war with us already.  Instead of denying the obvious truth that they are at war with us, they must be dealt with on their own terms.  Their premises must be rejected.  Otherwise, we become more like them.

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