Saturday, February 24, 2018

Challenger to Wasserman-Shultz wants to probe Rich's murder


8:48 am:

I looked to see if the election has been held yet.  Not sure.  It takes up too much of limited bandwidth.  But it looks like it hasn't yet.

I notice that the Sanders bunch won't endorse Canova, who wants to investigate Rich's murder.  Looks like a cover up at all levels of the Democrat Party, and that includes a socialist.

8:30 am:

It is worth mentioning that Wasserman-Shultz is the representative to this area in Broward County, where the latest shooting occurred.

It is mere coincidence, or is there something here?  So much seems to get left out.

Originally posted 6.29.17:

The investigation of the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, is the focus of the campaign against Wasserman-Shultz.  Canova, the challenger, says he wants the rule of law to prevail.

That would be nice, but he'd better watch his back.

The Democrats are acting more like a criminal organization than a political party.  If anything, they should be demanding the truth of what happened to Rich, but they are resisting it.

All of the talk about Russia is a smoke screen to hide the truth.

Conspiracy theory?  What do you call the Russian hacking claims?  This Russian nonsense is being done without a shred of evidence.  Why would the Democrats spend so much time on something that has no basis in fact, while at the same time, resist a probe into an actual murder of one of their own people?

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