Saturday, February 24, 2018

Corporations are just SO conservative ( not )

Well, this post will be short.  The reason is that you just have to point out things, and a long post might not do it justice.

The point is that the left controls the corporations, and the fact that a number of corporations are boycotting the NRA pretty much demonstrates that.  Also, keep in mind the NFL has gone super lib.

I know that so-called conservatives are supposed to be so happy about the tax cuts for the corporations.  This is the thanks you get, suckers.

In a seemingly unrelated post that I would like to comment upon.  Lawrence O'Donnell ( I think that is his name ) claims that an AR15 is a better weapon in the school environment, if I am understanding him correctly.

That reminds me of a writing about the Indian fighter in Texas in the nineteenth century, Rip Ford, who said that in an Indian fight, a bow and arrow is better than a six shooter in some situations.  You have to look at the situation.  In a school setting, a long gun may be a hindrance.  Also, the rapid fire uses a lot of ammo, requiring frequent reloads.  There were more deputies than just one who wouldn't go in.  If these guys coordinated, like they should have,  that guy would have understood his problem, and would have had less time to shoot at kids.  In other words, O'Donnell is wrong.  

My guess is that O'Donnell knows he's wrong, and he's just lying.  A lot of people think liberals are stupid.  Many are, but the heart of liberalism is evil.  You cannot always pretend to be stupid as this seems to be.  The point is that liberals will say ANYTHING.

Liberalism delenda est!

Updated on same day...


Looks like there's too many white people in Europe?!?  Hey, white people gotta go.   Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has gotta go! ( Jesse Jackson chant )

Yeah, but that's because white folks is just so racist.

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