Monday, February 26, 2018

Agent Smith and Cypher


This war is going on a large, large front.  People might forget that there are local elections.  So, even if Trump survives, he will be surrounded by enemies.

That is why I wised up a bit late, and I will be paying more attention to the local primaries.  You can be assured that they are heavily invested into getting Trump out, and they have very deep pockets, and they are very powerful.

9:30 am:

The Mueller gang wants to find a "Cypher", so that they can bring down Trump.  But Cypher is just another Judas Iscariot.

Let's not compare Trump with Jesus.  However, let's not make a hero out of a traitor.  The traitor is only a "hero" to the enemy, which only uses the useful idiot to bring down the country.

I saw useful idiot on a webpage.  It was in Russian.  Let's see if I can find it again.

Ah, here it is :  полезный идиот

Now, the problem here isn't in trying to save Trump.  It is to save ourselves.  The story of Jesus is apt here, because after the crucifixion, the Jewish state was destroyed by the Romans just 40 years later.

The Jews didn't come back to together in their own state for 2000 years.

But the Jews thought in crucifying an innocent man, that they could save themselves.  It didn't work out that way.

The truth is your protection.  You don't get it by forcing somebody to betray.  If somebody can be forced into making a "confession", it is only because they have no honor, nor integrity.  Such people cannot be considered as heroes.

The Mueller gang is getting "confessions" by force.  These won't hold up over the long term, but they only need to hold up long enough in order to get Trump ousted.

Originally posted 7.18.13:

The nature of betrayal.  Seeking personal gain at the expense of the many.  Cypher betrays his own people in order to help an enemy who enslaves his people.  He does this because his misses the comforts of slavery.  He knows exactly what he is doing but that doesn't matter.  Just as long as he gets what he wants.

The GOP will betray and pass "immigration reform".  Who are they betraying for their personal gain?  The rule of law and those who support it.  (That's for starters.  There's a lot more betrayal here than meets the eye.)  The illegal immigrants broke the law by coming here.  The GOP faction that supports this so-called reform is going to reward the lawbreakers for their lawlessness.  The Democrats will be the beneficiaries and will destroy the GOP and the rest of it that remains true to the Constitution and the rule of law.  They are doing it for personal gain regardless of all the high-minded excuses they are giving for their betrayal.

This is how the nation of the enlightenment will end.  Betrayal will lead to its destruction.

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