Saturday, March 3, 2018

Obligatory, 3.3.18

Been busy the last couple days.  Also, there's the data issue.   I may have that one figured out, but it is still too early to tell.

Aside from that, I read something yesterday that was rather chilling.  Seth Rich's father said that his son really did pass along the Wikileak emails.  In addition to that he said that he didn't raise hell about it because he didn't want to help Trump.  ( or something to that effect )

Can you imagine that????  Politics is more important than getting justice for your murdered son?????

A search on Free Republic doesn't reveal anything new on this.  There are those who doubt that he said anything to that effect.  I am thinking that such discussions may be an attempt at muddying the waters.  It would make a lot of sense that they would whack Seth Rich, if by doing so, they protected the "insurance policy".  But the story may be truly a bit inflated.  I am suspicious, just the same.

Also in my readings, I notice Nellie Ohr's ham radio license is getting play.  Yes, that would seem quite suspicious as well.  The idea there would be to send/receive information with respect to the oppo research that she was doing for GPS Fusion.  Obviously, if she was getting her info from the Russians, then it is the Democrats who have been colluding with the Russians!  Yep, it would make a lot of sense to point the finger at Trump for what they were and ARE doing as I type this.

Other than this, not much to write about.

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