Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Long and Short of it, revisited

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Usually, my posts are short.  Perhaps a couple hundred words or less.  This one may
be longer, because a lot of thoughts are congealing in my mind.  Those thoughts need
to be organized into a longer post, and so, here it is.

The thing that inspires this post is the rampant dishonesty that I see in so many
places.  Anything and everything seems to be a scam these days.  Why do people lie?
Is it because people believe that it is necessary to lie?  But lies do not help, they
end up causing trouble.  The one thing that is unavoidable when the lies start, it is
the breach of trust.  More lying brings more distrust.  It is a never ending cycle
that does not end well.

The biggest scam of all is the idea that white people are bad for being white people.

This is what drives the culture war.  The culture war, as Pat Buchanan called it, is
the Cultural Marxism which had its genesis in the aftermath of the failure of
communism to spread itself around the world.  Everything you see in the modern culture
these days has its genesis in the Cultural Marxist project.  All of the so-called
modern liberal interests fall into this pattern.  The pattern's ultimate project is
to "transform" America.  It has gotten to the point that it is now the Obama project,
which puts a non-white face upon the nation.

Nothing is what it appears to be.  Environmentalism isn't about saving the planet.
No, it is about destroying the white man's economy.  Racial equality is not about
racial equality.  Gender equality is not about gender equality.  Marriage equality
is not about marriage equality.  No, these things are not about what they say it is
about.  It is about destroying Western Culture, and replacing it with something else
more to their liking.

It is about destroying the white man, for the white man was the vector of Western Culture.

Supposedly, this project is to make things more fair.  But, as you can observe, things
are not going so well in the places in which the Marxists have succeeded.  This does
not deter them, as their targets are now America and Europe.

It is not about equality of the races.  No, we have passed that marker a long time
ago.  It is now about subjugation of the white to the non-white.  White people are
told you cannot band together for the benefit of the white.  But there is nothing
wrong with banding together of the non-white against the white.  For that is not
racist, or so they say.  So, to vote for Trump is racist because the white man is
inherently racist, or so they say.

The Cultural Marxists seek to destroy everything white, for this is what makes them
appear to be a failure.  If the whole world became a left wing shit hole, then they
wouldn't have anything to feel badly about.

So, what is this Russian collusion thing anyway?  Aren't the Russians white, or mostly
white?  You just cannot have a Russian-American rapprochement for this reason.  So,
you get this so-called non-white Pope, who doesn't really believe in Christianity
anyway, and whose purpose is to destroy the white man's religion.

Russia still doesn't treat homosexuals as equal.  This makes them "bad" people.
Never mind that homosexuals do not reproduce.  In a culture that no longer reproduces,
the idea of reproduction has taken on a negative meaning.  What they really mean
is that they don't want more white people.  Hence, the pressure to become more
friendly with the ideas of self-annihilation.  For that is what homosexuality has
been throughout history.  No culture can survive it.  Neither will Western Culture,
and the Russians know this.  If that is what drives them, that is.

So, we are to believe the Russians don't believe in "equal" rights, and therefore
they are bad.  We must change them.  Never mind that this mind poison is what will
destroy Western Culture, because that is what it is there for.

The curious thing is why are there so many on the so-called right, so anxious to join
this Culture of Death?  What about these "Bushes", who were supposed to allied with
those who wished to preserve the Western way of life?  Why didn't the Bushes attend
the services for Billy Graham?  Just because Trump insulted them, and Graham supported Trump?

Once upon a time, it seemed that the Bushes were self-effacing bunch with a sense
of humor.  Supposedly, they could admit error, and correct themselves.  Supposedly,
they had a sense of humor, and could take a joke.  Was that a scam, too?  For the
Bushes sure can't take the joke that Trump whipped them.  Neither can the
the McCain's, and probably neither can the John Deans of this world.  For this type
takes care of themselves first and foremost.  We led to believe that the Bushes were
patriots first.  But was that just one of their scams?

So now we have the Rockefeller types who want to make the world into their image.
If their image is one of the scam, then there won't be anything to the notions of
truth, honor, nor integrity.  For those will have become old-fashioned, and no longer
fitting for this New World Order of theirs.

Consequently, what is good will become evil, and what is evil will become good.  Such
cannot exist for long.  Their New World Order will fail unless it changes its ways.  Such an order cannot exist because of its inherent contradiction.  Nothing that preaches instability can ever be stable.  Everything that is at war with the truth cannot stand.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  Or do the Bushes believe in Jesus Christ anymore, or did they ever believe in the first place?  Also, maybe they forgot about Abraham Lincoln, or was he a bad guy too for being white?

In closing, what I have just written may be condemned as racist.  I deny that.  I am not for white supremacy.  But we have gone way past equality.  For these people do not seek equality. For equality, as a manner of speaking, is just a scam.  The real purpose of this is to destroy Western Civilization.  In order to do that, you must destroy the white man too.  Thus, what they are really about is subjugation, and ultimately, genocide.

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