Wednesday, March 7, 2018

OJ Simpson murder case

Whenever there is some sort of controversy, I seem to get interested in it a lot later.  Take the POTUS Kennedy assassination.  It was almost thirty years before it got interesting to me.  At that point, I made a reasonable effort to understand the issues, and came to a conclusion based upon what I had read.

As for the Simpson murder case, I did not follow it at all at the time.  I considered Simpson guilty, and that the case should have been a slam dunk.  The acquittal shocked the living crap out of me.  I never expected that.

Afterwards, I read the book by Vincent Bugliosi, and it pretty much confirmed my opinion that the prosecution bungled the case.  But nobody could have gotten a conviction with this jury, and this is based upon my reading of Wikipedia.  This source can hardly be considered right wing, nor conservative.  Wikipedia didn't say what I just said, but what they did say was that one of the jurors was found to be sympathetic to the Black Panthers, and gave a Panther salute to Simpson after the verdict.  This leads me to believe that this juror may have poisoned the rest of the jury, which was predominately black.

At the time, most blacks thought Simpson was innocent.  However, that changed over time.  Now most blacks consider Simpson to have been guilty.  What changed?

Could it be true that lies are easier than truth?  I have a theory about the far left politicians, who I believe know this as a principle in human relations.  I have speculated on that in a recent post.

Furthermore I would add that I think a lot of leftists may have made a pact with the Devil.  It is where they get their power.

Many of you may laugh at this, but this slogan of Hillary's -- stronger together, is very disturbing.  You have to look it up to see why.

But that would require effort.  Truth requires effort.  To believe a lie is easy.

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