Thursday, July 27, 2017

Many problems in the GOP due to failing governance models

Well, here we go again.  I have just read something critical about The Donald.  Okay, we do have a president who is an "insurgent".  That is why he got elected.  That is to say, he got elected in order to shake up the place.

Now we hear how the president is having a hard time with his staff.  Well, a lot of his staff is coming from the old school, which is the same school that has made this mess.

That is also the case right now.  People are sick and tired of the failure in DC.  The leaks are coming from people who want to keep things essentially the way they are.  But this cannot be allowed to happen.  The shakeup must continue.

The people Trump hires owe him a least a modest amount of loyalty to his agenda.  Otherwise, why are they there?  To disrupt and gum up the works until they can dispose of him?

It may be necessary to have to deal with this problem of leaks for the time being.  It looks like it goes with the territory, as the swamp in DC is so deep and so strong, that it is going to take something like a miracle to get it to move past its dysfunctional ways.

Browbeating is definitely okay by me.  When you got Democrats who can literally get away with murder, it ought to behoove those who wish to serve in this administration that they should understand who the real enemy is, and it is not the boss, who is the POTUS.

Novel thing to have to explain to these people.


This is another way of describing the "squish" problem.  The GOP is full of squishes.  In fact, the whole party is squished out.  The Dems have all but won.  If the problem with Trump is that he is too mean to you or your favorite person, then you have gone totally soft.  Soft doesn't work in a hard world.

The Dems are covering up a murder.  Squishes are worried about Trump being too mean to them.  There you have it.

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