Thursday, July 27, 2017

Temptation to use overly intemperate language exists, but must be resisted

Lots of people out there are writing that we are engaged in a kind of cold Civil War today.  That very language may be something of a mistake.

Not too long ago, I reviewed a lot of Civil War videos that around my place.  It has occurred to me that those people in the South back then, let their emotions get the better of them.  In other words, was that war really necessary?  Even Lincoln said he couldn't just ban slavery.  But the South got too hot-headed, and because of that, subsequently lost all of their rights within the Union when they seceded.  Consequently, the South goes to war, loses, and that's history.

The point here is to avoid the war, and keep your rights within the existing framework.  Nothing could suit the leftists more than to provoke a war, and then seize the government, and then deprive the rest of us of our rights.  It would be like history repeating itself.

If war does come, then let everyone be prepared for it.   But in the meantime, let us keep our heads.

Now, having written all of that, let me refer you to something I saw on Ace.

quote: So now is the time to lay the groundwork for the long war. -- unquote

This is what I mean.  People can get really charged up with that kind of language.  Yes, and I refer to myself as well.  I hate this stuff going on with our government like I hate nothing else.  But the left is hampered by the public relations necessity of at least appearing to adhere to the rule of law.  That is why we are getting this phony Russian investigation.  It is necessary for  them to have this "investigation" as a front in order to appear legitimate.  But there isn't anything legit about it, as far as I can tell.

A common murderer has more rights than the rest of us.  Let there be one, just one minor technicality, and a common murderer can get off scot free.  But let you disagree with the ruling class, and all of your rights disappear.  That is what is happening with Trump.

If you want to fight them, you have to keep the high ground.  The left will claim that they hold the high ground.  But the problem with the left is that they have an allergy to the truth.  The left is at war with this country, and have been for decades.  They have been quite successful with it, and the time is late.

Fortunately, there seem to be people who are waking up to a real problem here.  But let's not make the same mistake that was made in the past.  We have to "fight" them, but we must avoid violence until it is forced upon us.  Once attacked, then we can fight back --- fire with fire.

Yeah, there is a lot of fiery language here.  It is going to be necessary.  People need to get mad, but it needs to be controlled anger.  It needs to be focused on the ongoing corruption of the leftists and their allies amongst the GOP.

Can we avoid a real war?  Maybe nothing can stop it.  But we should at least do our best to avoid it for as long as possible.

The next battle will be the elections.  It is time to consider the primaries.  It has almost worked in the past, so with a little stronger effort, some of these may be removed the next time.

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