Friday, July 28, 2017

Buzz about the Obamacare don't repeal and don't replace

Lotsa squishes don't like to take on the libs, just ask Little Jebbie Bush.  Somehow, they manage to stay on in the Senate.  How do they do this?

I hear that Juan McLame does it by talking conservative, then acting liberal.  The thing to look out for is the squishes that pretend to be rock - ribbed conservatives.  Like the good 'ol war hero himself.  Maybe his head got banged a few too many times at the Hanoi Hilton.  I'm sure he's a tough guy and all, but this is an issue important to the GOP base.  Why not deliver on it?

Portman was another one of these.  It seems I came across that name before.  I did! I did! I did see this bad 'ol puddy tat before!  Here is a RINO masquerading as an old puddy tat.  Shame on him.

Murkowski managed to stay in even after she lost a primary, if memory serves.  It just shows to go ya that these people are like Dracula--- you may need a wooden stake to the heart to get rid of 'em.  Maybe a silver bullet.  Oh, wait.  That's for werewolves.  Never mind.

Now, that's all I remember.  There was one in West Virginia, who I am not familiar.  Plus two others.

How do you get rid of them?  You are going to need bigger majorities.  How do you get these?  A little truth may go a long way.  I am hoping that there are enough decent people left who care about clean government, and who will be moved enough to get rid of the corrupt ones.  If there is any evidence of corruption, lying to voters should be a dead giveaway that you are ( correction: dealing with ) one of them.  All of these pretended to be against Obamacare, but failed to deliver when the time came.  That makes them liars.  Show 'em the door, please.


Good example of intemperate language that I wanted to avoid.  It should be remembered that these guys may vote the right way on some other issues.  It may be more helpful to find a way to cut through the veil of lies that is constantly being draped over the voter's eyes.  Of course, I am talking about the media.  Getting the truth out is a tall order given the media dominance over the public square.

People would not lose their health care unless they wanted to drop it.  The lie is that they would be kicked off their health care.  If enough of the public understood it that way, instead of the false way it was presented, then this vote may have gone differently.  Then, we wouldn't be talking of kicking them out of office .  The truth may produce some backbone where none exists right now.


It seems that the media is praising McLame.  But of course they are.  McLame is just exactly that, lame ass.   He goes after the praise of the people who don't care about him really, and then, he betrays the people who he is supposed to serve.  He isn't "Jesus", he is Judas Iscariot.

Judas tries to give back the thirty pieces of silver but he is rebuffed.  Same thing will happen to McLame.

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