Sunday, July 23, 2017

Technology makes you lazy

Now that I have that a/c unit in my bedroom, it would be real easy to quit using my ice.  But that would be lazy.

Yes, the whole point, now isn't it?  Having the luxuries makes it real easy to go back to being lazy.  Just flip the switch, and you've got cold air.

Otherwise, I have to lug fifty pounds of ice to my Coleman, and take fifty pounds of water back to be frozen again.  It is a real pain in the butt.

I guess I could look at it this way:  it is like a job.  So, what is the point?  The point is to get my electricity usage down as low as possible.  The a/c unit in the bedroom is actually not a bad location for it.  This a but a small area to cool, so it doesn't have to work all that hard.  Without the intention of doing so, I may have struck upon a good idea.

Right now, this sun problem looks like the hardest problem to solve.  Water is not that hard compared to this.  The sun makes it hard to keep energy use down.

Because of this simulation, I am learning what it takes to live out there.  But I won't be going out west any time soon.  Maybe not at all.  I'll keep the land in reserve.  I won't be going out there until I get my credit back in good shape.  That could take a few years.

Of course, I will also need some luck with my health.  Stuff happens, you know

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