Monday, April 10, 2017

Will "Russia-gate" be swept down into the memory hole?

All of a sudden, there is near silence about the so-called Russian influence over the last election.

Are we now to being told to forget it, and move on to the next yammer point?  In that case, Big Brother Media is now saying like Gilda Radner would say: "never mind".  Better forget it, as the new yammering points are now to take center stage.

Perhaps the new talk will be about Ivanka Trump.  I can't for the life of me understand why this woman seems to be the focal point of these people's nuttiness.

They started boycotting her businesses and so on.   Well, if Russia-gate can't sink the Trumpster, maybe Ivanka-gate can.  She's guilty by association, I would gather.  Anybody who was born of Trump's genes must be highly suspect of something.

It is a diversion from the real crime of treason, in my opinion.  It is treason because the previous administration was and is at war with this country and its Constitution.

The Constitution is King.  All public figures must swear to defend it against all enemies -- foreign and domestic.  If somebody tries to cause a coup against the legally elected president, then he is guilty of treason; because that is making war against the head of state, who is legally empowered to hold that office.  Undermining the peaceful transfer of power is key to undermining what is left of the rule of law.  If the president is forced out of office by illegal means, by him whose job it is to defend it, then how can the structure stand?  A house divided against itself cannot stand.

The discussion about this cannot be swept under the rug and into the memory hole.  There must be accountability for this crime.

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