Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Democrats have committed to overthrowing our government

That's what "Resistance" means.  It is a coup against the US Constitution.  If they cannot get one peacefully, then they will engineer a revolution instead.

When Obama spied upon Trump, it was an attempted coup.  But note how quiet the GOP is in the wake of this Syria attack.  Indeed, if they do not crack down on this, they will be complicit in the upcoming violent coup.  They are being too quiet about this attempted coup.

Do you people really believe that, under this political paradigm, that another GOP nominee could be elected president of the United States?  Unless the GOP changes the way it does business, the hard left will take over.  Even if they nominate a guy that the Establishment hates, like Trump, then the hard left will delegitimize him, and cause so much civil disturbance that a change in government just might take place.

That's what "Russia-gate" really means.  It must be exposed and the hard left relegated to the dust bin of history.

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