Sunday, April 9, 2017

Why did the Obama Administration mislead us about Syrian chemical weapons?

Susan Rice claimed that Syria was purged of these types of weapons.  Why say that if she knows that it wasn't so?

Note that it was Rice who also claimed that it was a video that caused the attack on Benghazi.  Not only did Rice say that, so did Hillary.

Furthermore, it was also Rice who unmasked the identities of Americans as a part of the current Russian election hacking claims.

Is there a common thread that runs through these events?

Syria is a client of Russia and Iran. 

Russia, Iran, and radical Islamists:  each of these are committed enemies of the US.  Why help them?

Is Susan Rice running interference for our enemies, and why is she doing that?

Rice was one of Obama's closest advisors.

What was Obama up to, and why was he so obsessed with Trump?

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