Saturday, February 11, 2017

Obligatory, 2.11.17

A few items here to mention:

  • New project is to construct shading for the trailer.  It gets too hot in here.  It will feature the same construction techniques that I used for my shack on the ranch.  There will be 24 feet of cattle panels, plus the framing to support it, and some plywood to enclose it.  Details still need to be ironed out.  But I marked off the spot where I will lay it out on the ground.  When the details are complete, construction may begin.
  • However, there may not be much time.  I have a rendezvous with Dallas coming up, and that could come any time now.  I suspect that I will hear something next week.
  • Another thing that may slow down the project is the tax season.
  • Other things include paperwork for my disability claim.
  • Also ordered some pieces for my passive solar.  But the winter season may be almost over around here.
Looks like I have to prioritize my to do list.  Got too much to do and too little time.

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