Monday, February 6, 2017

Turnabout is fair play

The odd twists and turns that have been taken in the political reminds me of that saying.

For instance, the Democrats are embracing the old attitude that is a remnant of the Cold War.  This is what the GOP used to do to them.  I suppose they feel that it is their turn to do the bashing with regards the Russians.

Another example is what I heard on NPR this morn.  Me?  Listening to NPR?  The only thing they got around here.  Anyway, you'd think that they had become proponents of the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith.  We've got to screw the working man out of jobs because it is so much more efficient, don't you know.

Their idea of automation uber alles is reminiscent of this amateurish video

I would like to write more about this topic, but my computer has this insane tendency of trying to destroy my work.  They say computers are getting better, but I don't know about that.

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