Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The ranch lives on

As long as I live, my ideas for my ranch live on.  That raises the question, so what have I done to move the objective forward?

To recap, a key goal is to manage my water resources very, very carefully.  I want to keep my usage  down to less than five gallons per day.

It so happens that my latest bout with infirmity would throw a monkey wrench into this plan.  When you are sick, a lot of nasty stuff emanates from the body.  Won't be going into that detail, just let your imagination run a little bit.

Anyway, a lot of thought has to be given towards cleanliness.  It just won't do to live in a pigsty.  So, while I am recuperating, or trying to, I am thinking of ways to manage this aspect of my water situation.  Just this very morning, I think I was able to take a shower, and get myself clean, while not fouling up the place at all.  I did this without using a whole lot of water.  Indeed, I may have used less than my goal of say, three gallons per day.  Inasmuch as I am not measuring every drop I use, it is guesswork as to the actual total water used.  But it wasn't too much, I am sure.

So, I am pleased to have that to report.

Carry on,

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