Thursday, December 29, 2016

Collective Soul --- Shine ( repost )

Felt a lot better today.   Got out a bit and heard this one on the radio as before.  Why not repost it?  I like it...

original post follows immediately...

Just heard this on the radio while in my Nissan.  The hubcaps arrived this morning, or should I say last night, but the delivery guy didn't knock or anything.   I didn't know that they were there.  So, the hubcaps are on the car, and it should be good enough for the inspection sticker I couldn't get last week.  My permanent license should be there tomorrow, but if not, no problema.  I'll just have to make another trip.

Anyway, that song was familiar from the nineties, but I didn't know the name of it, nor the artists.

I found the lyrics and notice how clean they are.  That was rare even 20 years ago.

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