Saturday, September 17, 2016

Culture of corruption

Remember that phrase?  It must have been invented by Nancy Pelosi back in 2006 or so.  The corruption, such as it was, is still with us.  In my opinion, it is far greater amongst Democrats than Republicans, especially since this email thing with the Clintons.

It may also explain why the GOP really doesn't oppose this administration.  The corruption is throughout the political class.  They both have a conflict of interest in doing anything to clean up the corruption because they both benefit from it, in my opinion.

Hence, nothing will ever be done about the email scandal, even though it should be clear that Hillary broke the law.  The so-called political divide gives both parties cover so that they won't be held accountable.  Politics gets the blame, but the blame is very convenient for both parties.  As it works out generally, nobody ever gets held accountable, unless it is a lower official like Scooter Libbey.

The point here is that Trump, by being an outsider, gives the voters the opportunity to hold the politicians accountable.  It is important, in my opinion, that the voters understand this, and vote accordingly.   People should stop letting themselves be fooled by the politicians into believing that all the troubles are due to politics.  Our problems are solvable, but won't be until those who are at the point of the problem are removed from positions of authority and power.  Once they are gone, needed reforms can take place.

If it all gets reduced to politics as usual, then nothing will change.

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