Saturday, September 17, 2016

Obligatory, 9.17.16

Well, this is a first.  It has been several days now since I last posted.
The reason was that the battery ran dead while I was still in Houston,
and I couldn't post while still there.  I came back to the new place on
Thurs, but the internet availability problem is yet to be solved.  There
are possibilities in order to improve upon the situation, but as of yet,
there are no quick solutions.

I have lost track of the news, too.  The presidential race might well have
had another twist and turn for all I know.

This new place is an hour's drive from a major city in Texas.  The exact
location will not be disclosed here.

It is a pain in the neck to discover that certain items are here, but
other items remain in storage in Houston.  How that happened is hard
to figure, but it did.  I need to make a list of things that I need from
storage, and to retrieve them and bring them back here on the next trip.
Once I get better organized, I will get back on track.  Still in process,

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