Monday, September 12, 2016

Obama IS a muslim

Just watched a bit of MSNBC.   They defended the "basket of deplorables" comment by saying that more than half of Trump supporters believe that Obama is a muslim.  But if the MSNBC types do not see a problem with somebody being muslim, then what's wrong with being called that?  How is the belief that Obama is a muslim a problem?  Shouldn't they be saying "so what?"  According to them, being a muslim is not a problem, but believing that Obama is a muslim is a problem.  How do you square those two beliefs?

You cannot.  They know that if the general public saw Obama as a muslim that it would be a problem for them politically.  But every political problem gets turned into a "deplorable" problem, you see.

The point is this: if you can't win the argument, just start calling people names.

Obama is a muslim because his father was one.  That's how muslims figure it.  If Obama isn't a muslim, then he is an apostate.  Since he clearly sympathizes with muslims, it is hard to see how he is an apostate.

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