Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Basket of deplorables"

The left says to Hillary:  don't back down.  No, she cannot back down because that is the premise of their existence.  The premise is that this has always been a "bad" country, and needs to change into a "good" country.  The problem though, is this:  who gets to define what's good or bad?

Robert Ringer once described liberals as masters at intimidation, as he defined it.  But what did Ringer mean?  In a general context, these "intimidators" manage to get you to believe to step aside for them and to give up your self interests in favor of theirs.  For if you do not, then you are a "bad" person.  Hence, if you prefer your own race to other races, then you are a "racist".  If you prefer your own gender to the other gender, then you are "sexist".  And so forth.  The problem is that these people are not acting any differently than the "haters" are.  They "hate" just as much.  The object of hatred is directed at those with whom they disagree, not on any basis of fact.  This is how they intimidate you.  They make you back down in the face of their disapproval for being a "bad" person for not giving them preference over your own self interests.

That's how liberals "win through intimidation".  They cannot back down now, or they will definitely be exposed for the fakes that they are.

That is how all political discussion gets reduced to being "hatred", or else one is forced into agreeing with liberal premises.  If you disagree, then you must be a bad person.

If you challenge them, then you are illegitimate because you are not a moral person.  Never mind the facts of the situation.  It is their power that cannot be challenged.  They cannot allow it.  Therefore, there can be no Trump, who challenges political correctness.

After all, isn't that what political correctness is?  It is censorship in favor of the "good" over the "bad", and the liberals get to decide what is good or bad.  It isn't based upon facts nor reason.

The deeper you dig into liberalism, the emptier it appears.  The "basket" is as empty as the left is itself.

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