Saturday, September 10, 2016

Obligatory, 9.10.16

Well, I said that I would be doing lite posting for the time being.  It looks like I missed a few days.  Sorry about that.

Still in Houston.  It looks like I will have to leave on the 15th, and then come back a few days later.  Forgot some meds, so I need to replenish the meds from my stockpile at my new home, which is not in Houston.

I'm a bit disorganized, so it is normal.  What was the word?  Snafu?  "Situation normal, all f****d up".  Mistakes abound.  Stuff is misplaced, which I cannot find.  I'm sure I'll find all my stuff--- eventually.

Posts have to be short and spare, so this one will have to be end quickly.  Battery is going down, you see.

The schedule is to leave on the 15th.  Back on the 19th.  Leave again on the 20th.  I know it is crazy, but welcome to my world.

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