Sunday, September 13, 2015

Who are the "Oath Keepers"?

There's a writeup in the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) about the group.  Upon reading it, I am understand the very strong impression that the editorial staff strongly disapproves of the group.

That doesn't leave a good impression on me about the CSM.  They quote the SPLC, which is like quoting Satan about what the truth is on any subject.  The SPLC are a bunch of friggin' commie pinkos.

So, who are the CSMers?  Looks to me like a bunch of kooks.

I would join up if I could.  But I don't appear to be qualified.

There was a book mentioned "Mindwar".  This may warrant a closer look.  A look at the link leaves the impression that it isn't the same thing or the same person mentioned by CSM.  Mindwar is available on Kindle for free, it appears.

The book appears to be right on target with what is being practiced on us by the MSM and their bosses, the Democrat Establishment, along with their flunkies, the Republican Establishment.  In other words, it is an appropriate response, which of course explains the SPLC's reaction.


I just read something on a leftist site on the subject of the Oath Keepers.  It is rather amazing how the left is demonizing them.  What is even more amazing is that they quoted the guy verbatim, or it seems, not even bother to correct him, and what he says appears to be 100% straight arrow stuff.  Yet the leftists pretend to be horrified by them!!!  wtf


I'm digging further into this, and what strikes me once again is how the left accuses others of what they do themselves.  The leftists are accusing Oath Keepers of being into Mindwar, which is a book about military psyops.  Actually, from what I've reading of the Mindwar text so far, is that it is being practiced upon the American people by the left themselves.  This goes back to a paper written by Gramscii many, many years ago.  It's basically about how the communists can subvert a society and overthrow it without having to fire a shot.  That's precisely what the left is doing this very day.  Black helicopter stuff?  Maybe, but it is out there, and has been out there for a long time.  Nothing really new, here.

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