Sunday, September 13, 2015

Inexplicable? Not hardly

Once again, I turn to the Limbaugh show, where he complains about how the leadership has lost its patriotism, and how the Iran "treaty" passage is "inexplicable".

But Limbaugh explained it himself in his second book, See, I told you so.  He described Gramscii in that book, so he is fully aware ( or should be ) of what the left is up to.  It is nothing other than propaganda, which is to control the minds of the population, meaning US.  The control has made it through the ranks, and may well include, in some cases, none other than El Rushbo himself.

In order to demonstrate through art what the left is doing, let's turn again to Brave New World.   In particular, that part of the movie in which the Savage is made to look ridiculous.  There is a counterpart to that in the real world.  It is the movie made by the comedian Bill Maher, which is titled Religuous.  Just as the filmmaker character in Brave New World makes the savage character look ridiculous, Maher makes religion look ridiculous, all to the approval of the "controllers" or our own Brave New World.

Hence, people are led to believe in AGW, but not in Christianity.  Maher throws in the other religions as well, but the one about Christianity is the real target.

Thus, it is quite easy to explain what has happened, as Limbaugh described himself in his second book.  The left has hijacked our culture and is turning it into what they want it to be.  They are succeeding tremendously well, just as the hijackers did on 9-11.  How this can be a mystery to Limbaugh as to how and why this happened is a mystery in itself.

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