Friday, September 18, 2015

Home again, 9/18/15

Today, I pulled out the trusty hand held GPS.  There are many, many locations on the property that I've marked.  Yet, I don't know the boundaries.  There's one more pin to find, and it may well be the hardest one to find out there.  Using the locations that I already know, I am extrapolating to a point that I think will be the last boundary pin to find.

Gave me something to do during the slow periods, which weren't many.  The week was rather busy.  If it were not busy, then something would definitely be wrong.

I've got an idea for building, but I don't want to expound upon it yet.  Leave that for manana, senor.  It will include ( maybe ) filling up bottles and using it for insulation filler.  ( that may be a dumb idea )  Bottles may be too big.  Have to measure and see.

Seems like I'm getting the itch to go out there again.

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