Monday, September 14, 2015

Obligatory, 9/14/15

Yesterday, I noticed a post on Behind The Black, in which the discussion was about the absorption of carbon dioxide in the Southern oceans was higher than thought.  I had nothing to comment upon at the moment, but it has developed enough in my mind for me to want to comment now.

Number one, the absorption of carbon dioxide shouldn't be taking place if the Earth is warming.   Basic chemistry.

Number two, if the oceans are unexpectedly absorbing carbon dioxide, could it be that their presumptions are wrong?

Three, have any of these people ever decided to check the oxygen levels?  I never read about this changing.  If the changing in carbon dioxide levels are coming from human activity, it should also show up in the oxygen levels, should it not?

Four, should anyone be impressed with all the money and expertise going into climate research?  What if they are barking up the wrong tree, so to speak?  Shouldn't they be researching why there were ice ages and warming periods as opposed to jumping to the conclusion that humans are changing the climate?  Maybe the climate can change without our help, and our actions are really not that significant in terms of changing the climate.  After all, the climate changed without our help for eons before we showed up.

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