Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another perspective on Iran nuke deal

American Thinker

It is in the interests of each party, as opposed to the interests of the country:

The welfare state requires a dependent underclass.  The warfare state requires a feared enemy.
The Dems want the immigrant voters and the GOP wants the national security voters, it is theorized.


It reminds me of how the Roman Empire fell.  Nobody cared about the Empire, only about their own interests.  If nobody takes care of a thing, it goes away.

Bush the Elder said that he increased taxes in the early 90's not because of his own interests, but the interests of the country.  So, it looks like statesmanship is punished and politics is rewarded.  If  Rush really cared about statesmanship, where was he in 1992 on those tax increases, which he opposed?

Not necessarily mentioned in order to defend the Bushes, who have shown the tendency to divide their own caucus against itself, though.  Only that there's plenty of blame to spread around.


If the "warfare state", as it is described, needs national security voters, then why would they think that they deserve those votes after giving in so easily to the Democrats?  In other words, why should these voters be taken for granted?  Also, why should those who care about national security give these people their confidence after a fiasco like this?

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