Tuesday, May 19, 2015

With respect to Truth again

Would it be correct to say that to remain faithful with Truth that one should consult first principles?

With respect to that, I've been reading excerpts from the book Four Witnesses.

That's what the book is about.  It shows how the Early Church stayed faithful to First Principles.

I bought the book awhile back, but I haven't studied it.  I will do so in the future.

As for now, I note that there is a lot of confusion out there in our society.  So was there in the Early Church.
How did they manage to keep the faith going through all the trials that it suffered?  First Principles.

Here's a possible shocker for you:  Our modern day "leadership" is deviating from First Principles, not only of Western Civilization, but of our basic Organizing Principles of the Nation.

What may be even more of a shocker: they know very well that they are doing this, but are going to try to convince everyone that they are doing exactly the opposite.

An example:  Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Justice in the Supreme Court of the United States, presided over a homosexual marriage.  It was written in the New York Times that she did this in the name of the Constitution.

Nowhere in the founding documents nor in the history of Western Civilization has such a practice ever considered to be an organizing principle for the Nation.  It is a clear and definite break being engineered by those who wish to change the nature of the Nation towards something completely different from what it once was.

Now, if I am wrong, SHOW ME.

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