Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Checking in, 5/20/15

Maybe I ought to say:  mailing it in.  Hmm.  Late start this morning, so I'll do a quick post because time is short.

I'm not inactive, but it is a little hard to describe what I'm doing.  Or maybe not.  It just doesn't lend itself to excess verbiage and thus doesn't translate into blog posts.

One observation or is it a hypothesis?  Has this country completely given up on its heritage?  It is like it is repudiating itself.  Why?

I checked into the Supreme Court decision in the DOMA case last night.  There's not much there to indicate a finding in favor of a right to homosexual marriage, but then there was this Gallup poll claiming that a large majority now favors it.  Is this propaganda?  Are the powers that be trying to influence the justices?

But that is only a musing.  Not a detailed research project.  Hell, it doesn't need any research.

I checked into what I wrote at the time of that DOMA case.  Nothing has changed for me.  What could have changed people's opinions in that time?

One other thing before I close up this little post.  People have this notion that religion is backward and the modern "science" establishment is progressive and therefore advanced.  I'm of a different opinion.  I think people have been deceived.  Whatever is deemed progressive is not, and what is said about religion is not necessarily right nor accurate.

The "science" establishment has been corrupted by politics.  Politics has been corrupted by money.  To drill it down to the root, it might be said that money has corrupted everything.

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