Saturday, May 23, 2015

A special evening for Spring Branch ISD running backs, past and present

A special evening for a Spring Branch High School running backs, past and present - Chris Gilbert

That was my school.  I brought it up because I noted how the school seemed to be going downhill the whole time I was there.  ( Early seventies )  Sure enough, the school produced Gilbert, but nobody else of note came out of there.

A long pause had to ensue, because I just remember the Lesbian Mayor of Houston graduated from a Spring Branch school.  I checked my "list" of graduates and her name wasn't there.  I didn't know her, and probably couldn't have because she didn't go to Spring Branch High School, but some other Spring Branch ISD school.  Maybe it was Spring Woods.  I checked out some info sources, but it is rather sketchy, so I cannot confirm or deny where the hell she went to school here.  Whatever.  One thing I did find is that she made up a false story about discrimination.  She has state office aspirations.  If she is going to run for mayor again, I am going to vote in that election, and it won't be for the Lesbian.

Spring Branch ISD did produce Craig James, who played in the NFL as a running back.  He ran against Ted Cruz and others in 2012 for Texas Senate and lost.  He was "unpopular" for his "anti-gay" positions.

Moral of the story.  None really.  All of it just plain old facts, if that matters anymore to anybody.

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