Saturday, May 23, 2015

Checking in, 5/23/15

As you may infer from this post, I didn't travel out West this holiday weekend.  Really, that is just too dumb.

Besides, I meant to check out the book I mentioned in an earlier post.  Once I got my Kindle going, I checked it out and was a bit amazed that I may not have actually finished reading the book in the first place.

But on closer examination, yes I did.  By the way, the book is Four Witnesses.  It's about the Early Church, and the four men who served as witnesses here to the TRUTH.

So, what do I get from the book so far?  One thing that comes to mind is that the roles of science and religion have reversed.  Science has become immutable, and religion is up for grabs.  Up until modern times, which are now to be revered as holy things, it was the other way around.

Thus, religious doctrine was religious doctrine and that was that.  Science could change with new discoveries.  Science wasn't holy, like say Man Made Global Warming.  It didn't get raised to the holiest of holies, for which no blasphemy could ever be tolerated.  The men in the Church, kept their part, and kept the Church as it was.  And so we built this highly advanced society while sticking to those principles.

But somewhere, like the Sixties, the train come off the tracks.  Now we are not to profane the SACRED with any of the UNHOLY politically incorrect speech lest we run afoul of the LAW of the LAND, the El SUPREMOS of EL COURTO.  They are the new HEAD PRIESTS, and you'd better know your place, the First Amendment be damned.

Meanwhile, the country hasn't prospered lately, the GDP in GOLD per Capita hasn't exceeded what it was in the FABULOUS SIXTIES, and technologically, we can't do what we did then, even though we have computers and those guys used slide rules.

Nowadays, they call it progress.  Besides, everything is hunky dory cuz they say so.

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