Sunday, May 17, 2015

Does Limbaugh talk about this stuff?

There has been lately a push amongst the so-called conservatives in this party to emulate David Cameron.  Evidently, he is being cited as the model for us to follow over here across the pond.

Get this:

Cameron personally led the fight to legalize gay marriage, made addressing climate change a top priority,

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Now let's see:  How does legalizing homosexual marriage actually help the Brits?  Addressing "climate change" which should be re-worded to man made climate change, by the way?   How does making their economy less competitive actually help them?   Cameron probably won because he made a little more sense than his opponent, not because of homosexual marriage and man made climate change.  Some of what his opponent advocated went off scale stupid.  That doesn't make Cameron smart, only seemingly so.

If you want to address man made climate change, then what is your proposal?  Obama shutting down coal?  How about molten salt reactors instead?  There are some in England who favor this.  I'm all for it even though I strongly doubt that we really doing any harm to our environment by burning fossil fuels.  I think a by product would be to defund radical Islam.  Call it a two fer.  If the GOP wants to win, why don't they advocate molten salt reactors?  Molten salt reactors could end the use of fossil fuels.  That won't help the oil industry, though.  How do you know that Cameron isn't doing that?  Or least not hampering molten salt reactor tech????????  Instead, it is claimed that Cameron favors the premise of the far left.  In the case of homosexual marriage, he did, but not necessarily man made climate change.

The GOP won't advocate molten salt reactors because they need all that oil money.  Or so they think.

The GOP won't fight homosexual marriage because they are without conviction.  They aren't any different really than the left on this one.  They only pretend to be against it.

Has Limbaugh said anything about this lately?  I have a feeling that he is quite silent on both issues.

He probably talks a lot about taxes, which isn't the big problem right now.

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