Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kaci Hickox Was A ‘Disease Detective’ For The CDC

Free Republic

There's a comment on the Freeper site that I want to highlight.  It shows, I believe, the lying that we are being subjected to:

If I wish to import a horse into the United States from Liberia or any African country other than Morocco, the horse needs to undergo a 60 day quarantine period at a USDA approved quarantine facility prior to mingling with the general population of horses in this country. Africa has a disease called African Horse Sickness that does not exist in the US; this is the way we have kept it out of this country.

African Horse Sickness does not cause disease in people, only horses; our government has determined that it would be devastating to the US horse industry if it were to come here.

The United States (and virtually all other countries) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.

I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease.---
Editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune

Incredible.  We can quarantine animals in order to protect commercial interests, but we can't quarantine people for public health interests.  Beam me up, Scotty!  No intelligent life here!

Stop the madness and vote out the bums on Tuesday.

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